Fujian hangs out his shingle from trade division time protocol the Fujian end March is benefited from trade division an analysis

On March 24, to sit a meeting of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, discuss carried district of experiment of free trade of Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian overall program, and deepen division of test of Shanghai free trade further plan of reforming and opening. This means Chinese big range to be reformed from trade division pilot and formal roll out in the round, from trade division next construction will step new level.

Observe according to economy newspaper reporter is various channel understands, fujian drafts from trade division in March the bottom hangs out his shingle formally. To specific plan details, the government keeps low-key all the time, arrive from hall of Fujian Province business affairs individually piece area, all maintaining tongueless attitude to media.

In hang out one’s shingle previously, I do not know what to can say, related side case also is in only the ability after hanging out one’s shingle knows. Xiamen enrols Xu Jianmin of business center vice director to sign up for a reporter to say to economic observation like island free tax zone.

According to the Shanghai before this from trade division hang out one’s shingle flow, connect regular meeting to issue overall program before hang out one’s shingle, believe each to all can consult from trade division this is planted greatly means. Economic observation signs up for a reporter to learn from personage of know the inside story, the plan that at present Fujian submits version of the State Council from t爱上海同城对对碰

rade division is gross 18000 words, cent is 4 parts, namely composition of overall demand, region, main task and measure and safeguard mechanism, add up to 63.

We or the plan that come out with be being announced finally are accurate, because be among the give an official of the State Council, we do not know what is withheld, what is deleted. An official of branch of economy of Fujian Province government says to the reporter.

Although had not hanged out his shingle formally, but Fujian from trade division individually piece the job is advanced in succession already related the area. ” Xiamen city popularizes China (Shanghai) division of free trade test can duplicate reform program of pilot experience work ” the Communist Party of China has 29 to reform pilot experience, already 24 succeed in Xiamen be born, this is meant exceed eight to had been finished into item. Fujian division of 3 each trade piece the area has had 637 companies now 779 projects be born, always invest 8.84 billion dollar, still have new project declaring ceaselessly.

These will go in the advancement end this year June classification is finished, we also should work these and build effective union to rise from trade division, assure to be in carry out after trade division hangs out his shingle. Xiamen participates in the governmental official that works from trade division to observe to economy newspaper reporter says.

The system innovates, tailor-made to the stage

Obtain from trade division in Fujian approve the following day, on March 25, stage of the State Council does spokesman Fan Liqing to express to the reporter, fujian will be helpful for promoting the two sides of the Taiwan Straits to cooperate via trade communication from trade division construction liberalize and advantage is changed.

Because lie between the natural advantage that sea facies looks at with Taiwan, how to let its and confluence of deepness of Taiwan economy culture, and build division of core of maritime the Silk Road, became Fujian the special mission from trade division.

From declare plan at first to begin, the Fujian clear fixed position from trade division is pair of stages. Pool of peace of Xiamen, Fuzhou 3 piece the area also is in hard sufficient to be being done on stage problem article. Regard the window to the stage as the city, xiamen respect puts forward, should attracting stage endowment and to the stage the respect such as investment increases system innovation; Provincial capital Fuzhou also puts forward, want to be core爱上海同城

with collaboration of cross-strait classics trade, produce pair of stage advantages with distinct Fuzhou. The smooth Tan Zeng that establishs because of the stage namely as itself combines experimental division, its task is to be on the topic for discussion with dug comprehensive and shirt-sleeve two sides of the Taiwan Straits foretaste of go ahead of the rest.

According to economy observation signs up for reporter understanding, hand over in the Fujian Province from trade division plan in the center, the length of 2/3 highlighted pair of stages, include the field such as come-and-go of collaboration of commerce of open to stage industry, goods, service trade, finance, personnel foretaste of go ahead of the rest.

It is Fujian to the stage from trade division the biggest characteristic, this and its development fixed position and advantage are conform to, mix in commerce of stimulative two sides only undertake innovating developing on relation confluence, fujian comes out now from the effect ability body of trade division. Associate professor of college of Xiamen university economy, China (Fujian) from member of trade division academy Ding Changfa signs up for a reporter to say to economic observation.

Look in him, this and in the center of new a government has immediate concern to the expectation of Fujian. According to the Fujian Province eleventh of the 9th committee second the resolution of the plenary session, to 2020, gross of Fujian Province economy will exceed Taiwan. And from trade division obtain batch, or the program that allows implementation of this one plan shifts to an earlier date greatly.

In the process that Chinese economy develops before, although Fujian has the advantage of 5 predestined relationships to the stage, but attracting Taiwan businessman respect and Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu photograph of a few places is compared, still put in certain difference. So, if want to be used from trade division to attract,stage endowment is mixed invest to the stage, this imply Fujian Province increases system innovation even, highlight in the center of take to station job strategy and country all the way of the strategy serve as actively. Ding Changfa says.

According to Chinese custom statistic, the Fujian Province amounted to 76.41 billion yuan of RMBs to stage trade cost 2014 (the following abbreviation yuan) , than 2013 the corresponding period (similarly hereinafter) drop 4.2% . Among them, export 23.47 billion yuan, grow 17.4% ; Import 52.94 billion yuan, drop 11.5% . Accumulative total unfavorable balance of trade 29.47 billion yuan.

The Fujian Province is revealing growth trend to be being shown on stage commerce, this上海同城对对碰交友社区

is as inseparable as the central supportive policy that allots gradually. In recent years, ministries and commissions of 70 many states, center is belonged to enterprise or business the unit came on stage to support the particular move that the sea is built on the west and Fujian works to the stage. Country policy of bank economy area tilts on the west and invest strength to channel, let end look forward to is entered in succession greatly each halt.

Also depend on the double advantage on policy and geography just about, the classics trade communication that allows bay of Fujian horsetail, smooth pool, Mei continent to wait for big haven and each port and Taiwan is even more easy. Current, fujian has Taiwan businessman of 6 international class to invest an area, established the area of experiment of cross-strait agriculture collaboration with the largest mainland, include Zhang riverside to wait for poineering garden of farmer of Taiwan of 6 states level, attract business of agriculture of many 500 stage endowment to enter early or late halt.

According to statistic, up to by 2013, fujian Province accumulative total introduces stage endowment item 13524, house mainland visits town each the 3rd; Amount of imports and exports of Fujian stage commerce one hundred and forteen billion five hundred and forteen million dollar, house mainland visits town each the 5th, taiwan became the Fujian Province 2013 the 4th large trade is companionate.

But in light of the increment that introduced foreign capital 2014 according to the Fujian Province, stage endowment is not outstanding, come from Hong Kong and Macao area instead in growth. According to the data that hall of Fujian Province business affairs publishs external, 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

the Fujian Province approved HongKong and Macow newly to invest a project 2014 395, grow 17.6% compared to the same period; Use HongKong and Macow actually to invest 4.56 billion dollar, grow 8.25% compared to the same period, 64.1% what occupy complete province to use foreign capital amount actually.

To highlight open to stage industry requirement, fujian also is from trade division on system innovation made bold in advance, for instance the Fujian Province increased foreign admittance negative detailed list suggests 4, cancelled the mainland to accuse 3 of a requirement among them, from prohibit kind adjust in the limit of to make kind 1, as special to the stage provision.

There also was very big breakthrough in other 爱上海同城论坛

side, include to allow stage endowment solely invested or accuse a marine project to equip (contain module) make with repair, the evaporate that allows stage endowment enterprise to invest important prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction, fry, of the application of the technology of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine such as moxibustion, forge and Taiwan businessman freedom in the pr上海千花网交友

oduction of product of officinal and confidential prescription.

In addition, fujian hopes to take the lead in carrying out from trade division ” agreement of cross-strait service trade ” the mainland opens acceptance to the stage, consulting Guangdong and trade of firm implementation service liberalize on agreement foundation, still put forward to serve commerce to open measure to the stage from trade division 12 domains 61 projects.

When Taiwan industry main competitor Korea and chinese mainland are finished after trade agreement negotiates, this means Taiwan to must capture Fujian from trade division this is straw. From trade division with Shanghai contrast experiments respect, the Fujian Province innovates the system, enlarge open, function to extend, policy ensures organic union, the hope can compare Shanghai to have on strength and limits bigger rise and break through. No longer privilege of pure pursuit policy, however mechanism of more outstanding system innovates, in offer pilot job in the center, have half the number range system innovates, for instance administration system, investment runs system, close mechanism innovation to wait.

Battalion business environment, legislation is this

Ding Changfa thinks, fujian is to have sufficient potential advantage only to stage respect, but if the system does not innovate, governmental administration efficiency does not rise, not as better as Shanghai and Shenzhen on battalion business environment, the target that GDP exceeded Taiwan 2020 comes true hard.

Look in Ding Changfa, if Fujian wants to achieve this goal, the first important or urgent business realizes industrial butt joint with Taiwan namely. Will look according to current condition, taiwan invests tide to before the mainland two rounds of extensive properties, abandoned Fujian without one exception, or of before two batches of Taiwan businessmen hurries off to the Dongguan of Guangdong, Shenzhen, perhaps go to before collective hill of Jiangsu elder brother, invest without stannum and Shanghai, be apart from recent Fujian dispense with as geography by oversight.

This also explains secondhand, the Fujian Province did not imagine to the appeal of Taiwan in so enough, include the Fujian Province the administrative efficiency of each places and battalion business environment still exist space of very great progress.

Ding Changfa and a few research scholars ever ran to smooth pool to undertake survey on a special trip, include to have have an informal discussion with the Taiwanese, the conclusion that they end up with is: Governmental leader is very enthusiastic, agency staff is very disappointing. These detail are great affected many internationalization Taiwan businessman and Taiwan talented person introduce.

And Wang Liping of Party school of Fujian provincial Party committee thinks, all these should give through legislation solve. He reports recently Fujian provincial Party committee saves a government ” experiment about accelerating Fujian free trade the relevant proposal of area legislation ” write in one article: The successful experience that builds from trade division from trade division and Shanghai from the whole world looks, from trade division construction should have advanced hardware construction not only, still need good software construction, the law construction that is a foundation with legislation especially is more crucial.

He says, the train that this runs like high speed is same, it needs two measurement standards the collective drive of same wheel, ability runs firmly, run quickly. Because it matters to Fujian to be built from trade division directly whether standard, efficient, orderly ground moves; Matter to from trade division whether implementation system innovates; Matter to can go finally much further from trade division, take much better issue.

He offerred a lot of opinions in proposal book. For instance, in the whole nation even the whole world is invited about the expert from respect of trade division legislation and the official that have experience, participate in Fujian come in trade division legislation oneself, remove what develop from trade division and build to Fujian to lead action; Constituent force research and summary Shanghai and even abroad from circumstance of trade division legislation, discover from which can draw lessons from, but experience of duplicate, propagable and mature practice; And compose builds Fujian from platform of trade division legislation, absorb resource of social all circles to wait.

The Party school of Fujian provincial Party committee that he is in also is about to combine with university of Shanghai finance and economics hold water from trade division academy, main footing develops many course for the government namely from trade division talent, among them one is driven namely make and carry out Fujian from trade division advanced law (legislative) execute the law, judicatory talent grooms (raise) plan.

Look in him, if want to advance Fujian to be built from trade division, must legislative go ahead of the rest, such, fujian is in from trade division ability short time somewhat effect.

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